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The University of Rostock offers a diverse, varied and demanding job in a tradition-conscious, yet innovative, modern and family-friendly university in a lively city by the sea.

At the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Institute of Physics, Chair of Extreme Photonics, subject to allocation of funds, we are filling the following position for the work package in the EU project "Ultrafast Picoscopy of Solids" at the earliest possible date on a temporary basis for the duration of 2 years:

Research Assistant PostDoc (m/f/d)

Start date

at the earliest possible date

Working hours



pay group 13 TV-L

Location Rostock
Tender number
P 60/2024

limited for 2 years

Application time 2024-07-28

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information:

HR department

Mrs Kati Barth

Phone number: 0381/498-1312



Mr Prof. Dr. Eleftherios Goulielmakis

Phone number: 0381/498-6800


We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled postdoctoral researcher to join our team in the exciting field of ultrafast picoscopy of solids. This position is part of an EU-funded project aiming to advance our understanding of matter at the atomic and electronic levels. The project focuses on developing novel imaging techniques that enable the visualization of valence electron dynamics in space (tens of picometers) and time (femtoseconds to attoseconds).

Material science, quantum chemistry, and quantum engineering are rapidly evolving fields in the 21st century, with a focus on manipulating and harnessing the properties of matter at the atomic and electronic levels. To push the boundaries of these technological capabilities, we are developing ultrafast picoscopy, a cutting-edge technique that combines intense laser fields with state-of-the-art laser pulses to drive coherent electron motion inside crystals. This technique aims to emit high harmonics of the fundamental frequency, revealing critical information about the spatial arrangement of electrons and atoms at sub-angstrom scales.

By leveraging optical attosecond pulses, we aim to record movies of electron dynamics in solids at picometer spatial and attosecond temporal resolutions. This groundbreaking approach will enable the three-dimensional visualization of chemical bonds in condensed matter, detailed visualization of structural changes in crystalline materials and real-time tracking of atomic and electron motion in various materials.

The anticipated outcomes of this project will benefit a broad range of scientific disciplines, including physics, quantum chemistry, material science, and information technology.


  • research in the field of ultrafast picoscopy (high harmonic generation setups, electron and ion detectors, vaccum technology)
  • develoment of experimental tools
  • design of experiments to capture high harmonics and elctron dynamics in crystalline materials
  • collaborate with theoretical and numerical teams to analyze and interpret experimental data
  • publish research results in high-impact scientific journals and present at international conferences and workshops
  • contribute to the broader goals of the EU project and meet grant objectives


  • completed university degree (state exam, diploma, master's degree or comparable degree) and Ph.D. in Physics, Material Science, Quantum Chemistry, Electrical Engineering or a related field with preferably good results
  • strong background in ultrafast laser physics, high harmonic generation or attosecond science
  • experience with experimental techniques for studying electron dynamics in solids
  • proficiency in data analysis and numerical simulations
  • excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • strong written and verbal communication skills in English language


Equal opportunities are important to us. We welcome applications from suitable severely disabled people or people with equal opportunities. We aim to increase the proportion of women in research and teaching and therefore encourage suitably qualified women to apply. We welcome applications from people of other nationalities or with a migration background.


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